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About Us

A Spirit to Spirit Hello

A space to recognize and grow as Spirit
Meditation, Spiritual Healing, Prayer, Song, Teaching, and Thanksgiving.

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We assist others in recognizing themselves as spirit and coming into a one to one communication withThe Supreme Being. We believe that we are all spiritual beings with physical bodies. We believe that spirit is real and present, and that we are capable of having a conscious, direct awareness of spirit in the present moment. We believe that we are all capable of having direct one to one communication with the Supreme Being. As a church, we assist each other in using tools of spiritual awareness to achieve an the actual experience of recognizing ourselves and each other as spiritual beings and developing an experience of communication with the Supreme Being.


2021 Coil Xmas Service

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Taking that next step into the unknown, of what you might be, is exhilarating but in some way terrifying. There is great freedom in not knowing the outcome!

Laura Peppard

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